A Big Change

Hi everyone. I have missed you all so very much. I have been making major changes in my life and reaching for the move of a life time..where my family will be gone mostly.It is very traumatic to lose your parents..even though my Dad is living he is far from some one who can do what he once did..so making changes for him is also making giant changes for me.

I spent the last four weeks cleaning through a very small portion of his property. It had not been kept in over fifteen years.The trash alone filled up a flat bed and a dumpster twice.

I still have many many more projects but  after losing 32 pounds in such a short time my kidneys started hurting and I called it quits for a while to heal.

I am on word press a new blog..and I will not be returning to my others.I have had so much time as I worked to measure out many things in my heart and mind and to view with in what I want to see more of and less of in my life. Kind of like the trash I was hauling out… many things I am scrapping and many things…making stronger.When real life take a hard turn it can make beautiful art…and that became a thought centered base for me as I worked on things….I will always make digi’s and Gothic art it is just a part of my art style..just as canvas art and journals and collage decoupage and card making is.

Often at night to tired to do much I began working from a very old  7Gypsies collection of papers.

This was such a calming things late at night. I loved working with the beautiful items canvas and embellishments I used.

This was such a unique project and it is far from finished.It is so unique in that many of the images are from my art stash..and many photos of family or scraps from things they had just “never thrown away”…lol




This beautiful soft cloth like paper became the cover..It is from the new line of papers at Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp Brands .I have not embellished it or painted it yet…remember this was a late night project a few pages a night and often just one.



My Grandmothers house in also in the back yard. Hard to believe this little chick in the photo would be 105 if she were alive today.I found this just lose in a box. Her name was Lois June Popham ,Rogers vessells…ands she loved shoes until the day she went home to Heaven.

The photo above was so Recollections I had stashed and a beautiful piece of canvas from Canvas Corp Brandshttps://shop.canvascorpbrands.com/collections/canvas-burlap-accessorieshttps://shop.canvascorpbrands.com/collections/canvas-burlap-accessories

The dragon fly card was one my Mother had started a note to some one on but never finished it…so I tore it threw away the note and kept the front.


Ah a day where nothing was finished but I did add a piece from my Life book 2014.

Some days while I was working so hard it just helped to tap into the art..



20160608_151629 My Mother collected hundreds of “winged things” pictures. Mostly fairies and angels.I used a lot of Distress inks and stickles and pearls on the two photos pieces here and the black and white tissue paper is from Canvas Corp Brands.




I purchased a Alfred Hitchcock stamp..my Mother watched his show faithfully he will go on the right page with the blue black and white..




I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful and comforting the 7 Gypsies journal has been along with the canvas and beautiful papers and tissue. Canvas Corp Brands is a fabulous company.

Thanks for stopping in


Susan S



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