Fabulous Friday with Canvas Corp Brands


20160621_07423810262018_10206652783651160_6852035087126998636_nWelcome to my blog. I have been catching up with all the many projects running with Canvas Corp Brands.The question was..what is your favorite Tattered Angel product…or something to that effect.I love the glimmer mist right now.A favorite color?..ALL OF THEM!

So to support this project I took Glimmer Mist #15730 Marmalade.

Just one spray and gesso a stencil and gel matt medium..and I wanted to show you what one color can do.

I did accent with aqua colour arte sparkling h20 water color..the rest..is the power of play with Glimmer Mist.

This heart shaped box was in my Mothers stash of art wonderment. The ribbon was also but the beautiful canvas bow comes from Canvas Corp Brands as does the little brass heart . The little heart is from Canvas Corp Brands in the 7 Gypsies line.

Enjoy and have a beautiful day.








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