Delight in Color Delight in the Now

Hi everyone. I hope this summer has been kind to you and you have had fun and growth. It is blistering hot here in West Texas right now and I just keep looking forward to fall. I love the cool weather in fall and the beautiful colors.Another thing I love to do is color. Especially when it is to hot to get things I really want to do accomplished…and it is just to dangerously hot.

I took some healing time after cleaning the sheds and thought deeply about where I wanted my art to go this next year.I have been making canvas art and I will be sharing soon some wonderful things I have made and developed new techniques and ideas with.

I am also designing my own line of stencils and stamps and I hope to have them published spring or summer of next year.The copy right thing is difficult to understand for me so my son is just going to have to help ..he has build web sites and worked for major media companies so this will be right up his alley. His press broke and everything fell apart at one time..but I think in two more months we will be up and running again. Oh my gosh what a time.So when they level and he is not so long in the oil fields working I will bug him and get that done.

I have kept things peaceful. Positive for the most part and healing. Healing is one of my work shops next year…and just to show you a brief picture of healing no work involved type journals just cut and glue…


I will be working with many types of people next year many disabled and injured so my friend and I have been gathering people magazines and much more catalogs that are out of date and preparing many workbooks for them to use in this.

Then there are journal sessions where  Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels,  gesso and many more wonderful things will be used….this one I can share more with you


I love Ken Oliver media paper. Canvas Corp Brands has this..and you will love it also. It is wonderful heavy weight paper I do more than water color on .


Another class I am having is making your own recipe cook book. I hope to get mine made in September and of course I have been given my Mothers recipe’s so part one will be a designed book using beautiful papers from Canvas Corp Brands and Part 2 will be designing your own written journal using news print onion paper typing paper and beautiful scraps from your part one designed book.

Textured canvas will be one of my tutorials and classes next year and it is very different from canvas to journal is the name I am thinking about giving it.

Grief will be another one of my workshops. I think after losing my Mother last year I have much to share and offer in this work shop. Grief is a part of our lives and it changes and alters us. I am hoping to offer positive focus  on journals. I have lost all my family just about but my son and my Dad. I lost my twin when my son was eight years old and it seemed to never stop. ..and death is no respecter of persons but we as people have to heal from the experience.

Then I have a class of I just cannot keep up….journal dating life scheduling and learning to work with disabilities. another good one I excel at lol..but so important for people stepping into the change of things.

I will have meetings with many medical places next year to bring this into focus and learn from them what is available to people..and I will incorporate that knowledge into links and pamphlets and you tube tutorials.

Many things I have indeed been planning making and developing. I hope many pick up the torch with me that have been through the fires of these hard changes and just maybe….good wonderful things will come from this.

Careful planning has gone into this many many notebooks of ideas and research and development in the works and many years of notes.

I have not left many of you dear friends I had to plan and think and I have to try to fold many dreams into a cake of reality.

Happy Summer friends


Susan S.




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