Working with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

20160805_161857(1)Hi everyone. If you are like me experimenting in our journals is a must do constantly. I am so proud to be a member of Canvas Corp Brands Creative team. They do carry very beautiful products and one line that I just adore is their Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.

Glimmer Mist is exactly that. I use all the sprays in my journals Dyans Dylusions, Lindy’s Stamp Gang Tim Holtz…and each one has their own unique characteristic. what do I mean by that? Dyan’s Dylusions sprays have a solid pronounced hit when you spray them. They have a bolder color.Yes they are wonderful and beautiful. Lindy’s Stamp Gang touches more toward the Glimmer Mist when you spray it has far as the metallic reflections and smooth reaction…but the key to the difference is the word wanted to show you what I mean by that.

Working with journals and thick textured papers have been the in thing the past few years. So first let me share with you what paper I used because yes paper gives you different reactions. Canvas Corp Brands also carries Ken Oliver thick water color paper. It does not have a weight on the header but it does state made for the use of Ken Olivers ColorBurst and wet media.

I will show you the header.


I like gesso and I use many types. For this experiment I used regular Liquitex from Michaels Craft store.


I sprayed some beautiful Glimmer Mist into the gesso


As you can see the mist is fine ..also do not shake the Glimmer Mist up and down but rather shake it side to side.


My favorite stencils are from Stencil Girl. I let each layer dry completely with out heat gun.



I began adding a very light acrylic from Duncan.


The key is to let it dry and as you can see each time you spray the “Glimmer Mist” it will again refresh the color tone.


Here you can see the wet Glimmer Mist refreshing and I also added a deeper green contrasting color from the purple Glimmer Mist. The Glimmer Mist even when dry will stay wet looking even when dry on top of the gesso and acrylic.

so here is over 20 layers of acrylic gesso and “Glimmer Mist” and coated in two layers of Ranger Multi Medium Gloss.


At this time you can create what ever you wish on top but you have a gorgeous Textured 12×12 paper.

Thanks for stopping in…hope you enjoyed this..leave a comment if you would like.


Susan S



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