Welcome. My name is Susan Salyer. Many call me Susan S from different groups etc..I am a person who has always loved art in many forms from music to theater to ceramic clay and paper. Art expresses the emotion of the spirit and the soul..it frees  the mind for a moment in our lives to just smile and enjoy.It fills us with colors in a building and warms our spirits in a restaurant.

We love to be dazzled and moon struck we love nature and animals and try to carry that passion to a small space in our lives where comfort dances.

Designing that which lures the sensory and imagination is what I love to do. From a fantasy mermaid to decor in a home I love to Design and lure. also

I also love reactions to the stunning and often scary, the beautiful and the funny..and above all I love to learn new techniques and pallets as well as learn from new products and styles.

Thank you for stopping in today I hope I enchanted you even a small bit.

Susan S





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