Journal No 1 with JJJ and I am back!!!!

20160926_172609It has been a while since I have been blogging. I really over did this spring and cost myself a major set back…so moving slower but getting there again.

I am waiting on a armature to video tape this book and decided to proceed with my blog.

I have recently joined a group on face book called Junk Journal Junkies. I have also joined other junk journal groups since then. I cannot ever learn enough from all this.I spend a lot of time in the you tube land learning from very talented people making these gorgeous junk journals. I will add a few links at the bottom of this to get you started if you have not yet..watching these very talented people and you can add more to your subscribe list as I do… I hope not to offend any one if I do not put your link down but I have found so many, I am sure anyone really interested as I am ,will also.

I had not realized I had been making forms of Junk journals for many years but  the organization being put  together… I had not done before.When I began to look at the beautiful ways people did organize and put them together… I was so amazed..but actually doing it myself I knew as in all things would be practice.

I used Prima paper.This is beautiful 6×6 paper.This is a one secretary journal.



I did not add the flowers lace and ribbon until I finished the journal. I also put three coats of Plaid Petal Porcelain on the front and back.

The flowers are a mixture of my stash. The large cream one is Prima and the little pink roses I purchased years ago and I cannot tell you where I got them. The cameo

came from the Etsy store I fell in love with ..just click the word cameo and it will take you there.The lace is some from my stash and pieces from my Canvas Corp Brand 7 Gypsies.




This is the first two pages when you open the journal.


This pattern was one of my Grandmothers, Her name was Lois June . She loved to sew. I scanned it and made it smaller. I glued it in and stained it with Vintage Photo Distress Ink by Ranger Ink.I left the top open making it a pocket. I added washi tape I purchased at office Depot. The washi tape at the top is from Canvas Corp Brands in their sale department.

The pocket on the right is also from Canvas Corp Brands 7 gypsies paper.I cut it down and made another pocket.

The small tag was actually copied from a die someone sent me. I traced around it on manila folder and cut it out stained it again with Vintage photo.The sentiment “Look into my eyes” is a stamp I have and the brand name is worn off. The Butterfly is from Stampers Anonymous. It is a Wendy Vecchi stamp.


The tag inside the pocket : the manic-an  is again a stampers anonymous stamp.

The Paris travel stamp is from Dawn Houser inkadinkado. The Germany postage stamp is from Stampers Anonymous,”Happy Day” is unknown as is the compass stamp.

(I see a stamp list being made in my future lol)


The coffee ring stamp is from France Papalon at Stampotique.

Let your heart lead the way is from stampers Anonymous Wendy Vecchi collection and i added the travel stamps again along with staining with broken china Distress Ink.


This little post card was in my stash and I did not label where I got it..the back was blank so I added more stamping from Stampers Anonymous.

I can honestly say this was my first coffee staining adventure,yes all pages are coffee stained but not oven dried.

The page three has a smaller middle fold so the photos include this.


on the left top under the ideology paper clip is a piece of ephemera unknown to me where I got her…behind her the blue is my own mixed ink paper blank on the back and a tag with a stampers Anonymous airplane.





The bird is from Tim Holtz collection the compass is also. The paper was from my stash I believe it was recollections I purchased at Michaels.The butterflies on the left top is also Tim Holtz collection.

page 5


I do not know where all my images came from I am going to research and make a folder file on this..the tag is stained in Vintage photo and the border stamp is stampers anonymous.


just some coffee stained papers to journal on.

page 7

The flower paper which is a tuck and the image is a tuck at the top holing a index card under it. coffee stained paper at the right.

page 7 and 8




page 9 and 10

I made a tag using the fashion paper and placed it under the belly band and on the back it is blank.

page 10 my deepest apologies again I have to research my images but I made half a ticket and a small book to go under the elephant tuck.

Page 11 and 12

The book tuck  is from Stampington Somerset Studio a freebie on the inside.

The feather stamp is unknown to me and the “fortune” stamp is from Alpha Stamps

On the tag the coffee ring stamp is the same as the one mentioned above….and the bird is unknown  stamped in spiced marmalade Distress Ink by Ranger.




The little paper is stamped with a Tim Holtz butterfly the flowered paper is also a tuck and the paper is from Michaels Recollections..”notes and Quotes” is from Wendy Vecchi collection at Stampers Anonymous ..the Gothic swirl stamp is unknow to me the title and company is flat wore off the stamp lol.


Page 13 and 14

I used the Prima paper pack again for this side pocket. The inside items are in the photo, a small tag “notes” the index card and the small folded letter. The paper clip has a Tim’s ideology added to it that say’s “love”.

The “I never travel alone…stamp I will have to find the stamp again to know…lol





Page 15 and 16

The fabric is from my Mothers sewing basket when I was a little of my grade school dresses or my sisters. The cut images are from Canvas Corp Brands papers.

On page 16 the  post the small papers from Michaels except the one little purple and white flowered tag. The die is a Tim Holtz die cut in half as a tuck. the black and white on sides is washi tape from Michaels.


the fashion tag goes behind the post card tuck


page 17 and 18

Again I used the 7 Gypsies paper cut to a tuck on the bottom left hand corner I felt better adding the black and white washi tape the index card and the tag are also stamped.


Page 19 and 20


It is coffee stained as I stated before but not oven dried. I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink “Broken China” to distress the edges. Again, I used the coffee stained stamp by France Papalon.The little sentiment on the bottom left is not a tuck and is from 7Gypsies at Canvas Corp Brands.The lace border on the top is the Stampers Anonymous stamp I believe..I will be making a stamps journal and get better at identifying them


this is the other side of the small coffee stained lined paper for journaling.


This is a beautiful page to me. The little card on the bottom right was a stationary card from my Mother’s set. I lost my mom last year January 28.I especially loved adding this tuck.It reminded me of her magical beauty we all see in our Mother’s.


This is the tag that goes behind the stationary card tuck.20160926_234438

I also put a small piece of washi tape on the small journaling paper in the middle. It is very beautiful tape with small Japaneses Birds.

Page 21 and 22

The right side is stained in Distress Vintage Photo the script stamp is fro Wendy Vecchi at stampers Anonymous.

On the right side is a tuck full of goodies





This little tag was made from a 12 x 12 sheet of beautiful paper from Canvas Corp Brands. It has many many little vintage images on it I sat and cut them up and made many small tags like this. There is some travel washi tape I purchased from Office Depot.


This is a small photo of part of the 12×12 paper so as you can see I cut for a while.This is the right side another pocket.





Page 23 ,24,25and 26

The left side of the page is the second half of the pocket I just showed you from pages 22 and 23.

The following pages are for journaling



Pages 27 and 28

This little mail tag is a tuck. I  again stress I must study my stamps and down loads and make a journal of where things come from. I made a index card to go under it The heart with a lady in it is from involk art stamps


The right side is a pocket made from scraps and the index card inside is stamped with a vintage lady..again unknown…and the script on the top left of the index card is from Wendy Vecchi script stamp.

Page 29 and 30

The paper I cut many little images from..yes I used a bit more 7Gypsies beautiful and white washi tape and on the right side a paper doily. The little papers are blank on the back to journal on.




The final page and the back cover

on the left a doily and a tag and on the right a pocket. The girl image is from Creative Sould with Angel Kennedy and the post card is from Canvas Corp Brands it is double sided and beautiful.




and the back cover


I loved this experience as imperfect as it is. I also plan on starting a log of all my materials from images to interesting that will be to make.

Here are so you tube links and from their links you can find many many more.

Thanks for stopping in and your comments are so appreciated.


Susan S



















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